Databases using R

RStudio makes it as easy to work with databases in R. This work focuses on three key areas:

1. RStudio products

  • The new RStudio Connections Pane makes it possible to easily connect to a variety of data sources, and explore the objects and data inside the connection
  • To RStudio commercial customers, we offer RStudio Professional ODBC Drivers, these are data connectors that help you connect to some of the most popular databases.

2. R packages

Build and/or document how to use packages such as: dplyr, DBI, odbc, keyring and pool

3. Education

This website is the main channel to provide support in this area. RStudio is also working through other delivery channels, such as upcoming webinars and in-person training during our RStudio conferences.

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Latest Announcements

New versions of modeldb and tidypredict now on CRAN

modeldb 0.1.2 Removes pipes and other dplyr dependencies from internal mlr() function Consolidates duplicated database operations in mlr() Fixes an issue in simple_kmeans_db() when specifying variables tidypredict 0.3.0 New features Adds support for MARS models provided by the earth package Improvements New parsed models are now list objects as opposed to data frames. tidypredict_to_column() no longer supports ranger and randomForest because of the multiple queries generated by multiple trees. Read more →

bigrquery 1.1.0 Now on CRAN

The new version of bigrquery is now available on CRAN. This is a minor release, with some improved type support, and SQL translation. Please see the official release announcement in the site: Read more →

Enterprise-ready Dashboards - New version

An updated version of the Enterprise-ready Dashboards is now available. Here are the highlights: Includes dashboard design principles Introduces the r2d3 package for the visualizations Provides two new D3 visualizations that can be copied and easily integrated with other Shiny apps Better handling of the base query using dplyr and shiny::reactive() Adds an example for handling values for Shiny inputs using the set_names() function. Provides a new, and single, GitHub repo to download all of the cde and material from one location. Read more →

bigrquery 1.0.0 Now on CRAN

The new version of bigrquery is now available on CRAN. Here are some highlights: The low-level API provides thin wrappers over the underlying REST API. In this version, all the low-level functions start with bq_, and mostly have the form bq_noun_verb(). This level of abstraction is most appropriate if you’re familiar with the REST API and you want do something not supported in the higher-level APIs. The DBI interface wraps the low-level API and makes working with BigQuery like working with any other database system. Read more →

Schema selection - New article

Background and recommendations to work with non-default schemas inside databases: Link to article Read more →