Enterprise-ready Dashboards - New version

An updated version of the Enterprise-ready Dashboards is now available. Here are the highlights: Includes dashboard design principles Introduces the r2d3 package for the visualizations Provides two new D3 visualizations that can be copied and easily integrated with other Shiny apps Better handling of the base query using dplyr and shiny::reactive() Adds an example for handling values for Shiny inputs using the set_names() function. Provides a new, and single, GitHub repo to download all of the cde and material from one location. Read more →

Schema selection - New article

Background and recommendations to work with non-default schemas inside databases: Link to article Read more →

Selecting a database interface - New article

Background and recommendations on choosing between ODBC and JDBC, and between swtching from RODBC to odbc. Link: https://db.rstudio.com/best-practices/select-interface/ Read more →