bigrquery 1.0.0 Now on CRAN

    The new version of bigrquery is now available on CRAN. Here are some highlights:

    • The low-level API provides thin wrappers over the underlying REST API. In this version, all the low-level functions start with bq_, and mostly have the form bq_noun_verb(). This level of abstraction is most appropriate if you’re familiar with the REST API and you want do something not supported in the higher-level APIs.

    • The DBI interface wraps the low-level API and makes working with BigQuery like working with any other database system. This is the most convenient layer if you want to execute SQL queries in BigQuery or upload smaller amounts (i.e. <100 MB) of data.

    • The dplyr interface lets you treat BigQuery tables as if they are in-memory data frames. This is the most convenient layer if you don’t want to write SQL, but instead want dbplyr to write it for you.

    The full article is available in the site: