New versions of modeldb and tidypredict now on CRAN

    modeldb 0.1.2

    • Removes pipes and other dplyr dependencies from internal mlr() function
    • Consolidates duplicated database operations in mlr()
    • Fixes an issue in simple_kmeans_db() when specifying variables

    tidypredict 0.3.0

    New features

    • Adds support for MARS models provided by the earth package


    • New parsed models are now list objects as opposed to data frames.

    • tidypredict_to_column() no longer supports ranger and randomForest because of the multiple queries generated by multiple trees.

    • All functions that read the parsed models and create the tidy eval formula now use the list object.

    • Most of the code that depends on dplyr programming has been removed.

    • Removes dependencies on: tidyr, tibble

    Bug Fixes

    • It now returns all of the trees instead of just one for tree based models (randomForest & ranger) (#29)